May 27, 2009

Sara freder - clairvoyance reading

Friends here I am going to reproduce one of the recent letters sent to me by Sara Freder explaining to me that she had some visions for me and that she wanted to help me in some ways that only she knows how. So, here is the letter. Read this lengthy letter with repetitive use of similar words trying to make the case to sell some of her tools to help me improve my future life to bring abundance of wealth, love and peace by the help of her so called clairvoyance powers. Here it goes...

Dear Deep,

As I have told you already in my previous letters, I am overwhelmed by friendship and devotion for you. I have come to think of you as part of my family. It would be such a joy for me if you could enjoy all the happiness that you deserve!

For that purpose, I must complete one very important stage for you, Deep, something that will open your way straight into the happiness, the genuine Happiness that is bound to be yours, this Happiness that you deserve.

It is true, Deep, I have very fond emotions about you. This is why I have decided to show you how to use certain Formulas which I have never shared with anyone, Secret Mystical Formulas that will enable you to harness your powers so that you can claim from the others and from life everything you have been dreaming of…

I know it and I’ve already told you: within yourself there lie a number of Secret Powers which you are yet unable to use because you haven’t found a way to unleash them. But all you really need to do is to open up to these hidden Mighty Powers. You can readily build these powers to their full strength if you agree to receive, under the seal of secrecy, the Secret Mystical Formulas which I possess and wish to share with you.

For, as soon as you have these mystical formulas, you will be able to open up the hidden vaults of all the great powers that lie concealed within yourself. You will then be capable to control Others, to command Money, to command Love, to control your Destiny as you please, in a word, to settle all your concerns and make your dearest dreams a reality.

You will have the ability to control Money, Love, Happiness, and Respect, with a mighty power over yourself, over the people around you, and over the others!

But remember, Deep, these secret powers that I want you to use are very forceful indeed and, unless used carefully, they can easily wreak havoc. This is why I recommend extreme caution: your powers will be immediately withdrawn from you should you use them in an improper way.

Take an example: you need money, you don’t have the money to afford everything you dream of. Is this your problem, too? Does it seem right to you that some people can afford everything they desire, while you can hardly pay your rent, sometimes even eat properly? Of course not. This is where I come in: I am able to show you how to use the Secret Mystical Formula that will bring you more money than you need!

Yes, if you apply this simple mystical formula in the coming days, money will start flowing into your pockets! You don’t have to do anything in particular, there are no steps to take, no things to buy, and still, money could start streaming towards you. It could come as an unforeseen gambling win, an inheritance you knew nothing about, or just an unexpected promotion. Indeed, it doesn’t really matter how you get the money, as long as you can get it! And if the money that’s coming to you is not enough, use the mystical formula once again to summon even more of it. It’s as easy as that.

But this is not all. These fabulous powers I spoke about can also help you in other ways besides Money. Love seems to be avoiding you? The person that stays in your mind won’t look at you and seems to ignore all your feelings?

Utter the appropriate mystical formula which I will indicate to you, while looking intently into the eyes of that particular person, and suddenly that person will have Love for no one else but you.

I understand that you might doubt everything I’ve told you. You are certainly thinking that it is simply too good to be true, that if such powers existed, people would have known about them. Well, Deep, believe it: it’s not only that these mystical powers exist, I can prove it to you in the blink of an eye; but even more importantly, I can prove that you, Deep, you personally have the power to use them, as naturally as waking up each morning and as effortlessly as taking a shower.

What are these peculiar mystical forces that will empower you to claim everything you desire from life? The answer is very simple and surprisingly obvious. These amazing powers that can do away with your problems and enable you to get everything you have ever dreamed of in life, are Prayers!

You may have smiled when you read this, but I am not talking about just any kind of prayers, I am talking about Mystical Magical Prayers.

Prayer is defined as an act of religion wherein an address or demand is being made unto God, a Divinity or a superior Force. By extension, Prayer is similar in nature to an urgent call for help, a request uttered in humiliation. In more general terms, prayer consists of stating one’s most cherished wishes and hopes before a superior power believed to be able to grant them. Therefore all it takes is a humble request for what you wish, and there will be hope that all your wishes will come true.

You shouldn’t think you need to be thoroughly religious and regularly attend a place of worship to get what you wish for. Neither religion nor belief are relevant. Alone, you can perform for yourself everything I am about to share with you. The only obligation is that your request is to be pure and honest.

Here is a brief summary of the things you can claim by means of the Mystical Magical Prayers…

  • Win a large amount of money in gambling
  • See Love enter your life
  • Protect yourself from all the dangers and perils
  • Get what you want from the others
  • Do away with stress
  • Regain a healthy spirit
  • Get a promotion

And many, many other things you keep so close to your heart… Don’t take my word for it; all I want you to do, Deep, is to put Mystical Magical Prayers to a completely risk-free test…

My offer is clear: test your powers without any risk by reading the Mystical Magical Prayers which I am going to send to you, so that your secret wish or wishes come true. Yes, as soon as I have your permission, I will send you the Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers.

All you will need to do is to look up in your Compendium and read out the magical mystical Prayer most appropriate for your wish, and it will gain the power to come true very soon. You, too, Deep, can entrust me with your happiness, as did others, who keep sending me letters like the one below.

"My life has been transformed when I came to the point where I believed in nothing. I had tried absolutely everything to sort out my problems, until the day I received the Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers. Although I wasn’t a practicing believer, I gave it a try, without putting too much hope in it. How surprised I was to see that, every single time, my wishes would come true! Today I have an amazing life: I’ve paid my debts, I am about to buy a beautiful house (my dream) and I am about to marry a well-off man who loves me. We are planning to have many kids. I know that it is to my Prayer that I owe my newfound happiness."

I wanted you to read this sample letter, because it proves beyond any shadow of doubt what the Mystical Magical Prayers can do for you. It is up to you now to claim this happiness and joy. All you have to do is to request the Extraordinary Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers which I will readily send to you.

Believe me, Deep, if for centuries on end millions of people around the world have been using the Prayers to gain what they wanted and to communicate with superior powers, it was no accident. Even more, all the Great Sacred Books are categorical about it: every prayer is effective as long as it’s honest, although we may sometimes feel that our wishes are not granted immediately.

Yes, Deep, all you have to do is to request the Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers which I will readily send to you, and if you show an act of friendship and answer today, I will have the pleasure to send you, besides your Compendium, a very uncommon and mysterious Magical Object: the Magical Mystical Triangle of Mighty Fivefold Powers.

The Magical Mystical Triangle of Mighty Fivefold Powers.

Yes, Deep, if you answer today, I will be tremendously happy to send you this Fabulous Magical Triangle of Mighty Fivefold Powers, a precise reproduction of a very ancient Sacred Talisman.

As soon as you receive this Precious Talisman, grasp it in your hands and pronounce the first Magical Prayer you have chosen.

Each time you make a new prayer, your Magical Mystical Triangle of Mighty Fivefold Powers will assist and bolster you so that your dearest wishes are granted even faster. Why? Because the Magical Mystical Triangle of Mighty Fivefold Secret Powers will act as a supplementary bond between you and the Superior Forces, which will then grant your request much more easily.

The Magical Mystical Triangle of Mighty Fivefold Secret Powers will always remain with you as a valued friend on the roads of Success in your life. So don’t hesitate for another instant, Deep, request it now! Never has Happiness, Success and Money been so close to you. Act now, act today, and in just a handful of days I’m sure you will be writing back to me, sharing the joy of having been listened to and having your wishes granted.

... 4 Very Important Words…

1- To make it easier on yourself to reveal your secret powers and to make sure that your wishes are granted without delay, you can always find detailed forecasts in the Guide of your Path in your Life which I have prepared for this very purpose especially for you.

This invaluable Guide will indicate with great precision the exact days of your success and Luck. It will instruct you what to do and when to act to make sure that you make the most of the blessings bestowed by the Mystical Magical Prayers.

The Guide of your Path in your Life will become a vital document for your happiness, as it steers you in the right direction towards Chance, Money, and Love. You will be able to make correct and effective decisions that will lead you straight into all the amazing opportunities that life has in store for you.

Yes, Deep, with the Guide of your Path in your Life you will always know the most essential facts, such as:

  • what you must do to take maximum advantage of your Mystical Prayers
  • the exact days, dates and hours when your luck peaks in gambling, Money, Love, Relationships, Friendship…
  • particular obstacles you need to look out for; but above all, you will know beforehand about the positive events that are triggered when your wishes get granted
  • how to act in the face of a particular situation and never fail
  • …and much, much more…

To every question you ask, you will find an answer in the Guide of your Path in your Life. Imagine what your life would become with this precious tool always in your hands, essential to your happiness. No more fear of tomorrow, for you know ahead what the future holds for you…

But remember, Deep, you have to act today. Don’t wait and return now your personal order form for the answer to your secret wishes and your most pressing needs.

2 - Believe me Deep, your are really going to be offered a chance for a new life very soon, a world where money, love and luck must not pass you by and where everything you hope for most must finally become a reality. I really want you to be happy, and this is the reason why I am going to make something truly unique happen to you…

Yes, Deep, starting as of today, I wish for happiness, good luck, and money to come to you and be a part of your life.

Because I want these things for you, I will send you my Great Clairvoyant Horoscope of Your Wishes so that you can take advantage of the benefits of your Extraordinary Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers. In this complete profile that I will compile for you, you will find important information, which you will need to fulfill your lifetime wishes and guarantee you success. You will find my important recommendations and all my Secret Instructions. Thanks to my clear insight into your life, I will explain precisely to you, with complete details, the exact route you should take to lead you directly towards the enormous rewards that will be yours.

In my Great Clairvoyant Horoscope of Your Wishes I am going to tell you also:

how the most important planets influence your destiny and your personality, making you a unique person unlike anyone else,

how these same planets determine your most propitious periods, your lucky breaks, and your meetings and relationships with others.

I will reveal to you:

how others see you,
what they think of you,
what effects you create,
what is your level of sensitivity.

Moreover, wait for surprising, new revelations about yourself, your personality, and especially about those who surround you.

I will make you discover:

your real capabilities,
your lucky breaks,
your actual assets,
your SECRET gifts,
your hidden talents…

I will unveil the obstacles that are present within you, causing anxiety and blocks that prevent you from succeeding,

but also and above all:

how to immediately multiply your lucky breaks,
how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles,
how to make the right decisions at the proper time and
how to enjoy deep happiness from your Extraordinary Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers that I am offering you today.

Yes, Deep, I wish that happiness, good luck, and money become part of your life.

3 - Today you have been chosen to be one of the most deserving amongst thousands of people to receive this gift from the heavens, this gift that can grant all your Secrret wishes even the most cherished, and to give you happiness for the rest of your days. Don't pass up this unexpected stroke of good luck that offers itself to you today, and act now; it is in your best interest.

But note, Deep, this is not all,

to be sure that you can use your Extraordinary Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers to lead you straight ahead toward this Happiness, Good Luck and Money that you deserve, I want to make available to you the beneficial effects of a series of mystical ceremonials called the Mystical Ceremonials of Constant Protection, that I will begin as soon as I have your consent.

These mystical ceremonials of Constant Protection are destined to revive your powers of good fortune and your energy potential, so that you can benefit to the maximum from the great effects of your Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers, so that all the doors of love, good luck and money will be open for you.

These Mystical Ceremonials of Constant Protection will bring you, day after day, the essential elements that you lack at present, so that your life will become and remain full of the good luck, love and money that you will know with your Compendium of Mystical Magical Prayers because that is the life that you deserve.

It will be permanently for you a great beneficial occult act multiplying by one thousand your energy potential and increasing your potential for good luck, success and happiness once again.

From this instant, I shall dedicate myself to the establishment and maintenance of Great Happiness in your life.

I am so happy to think that it will be for you the beginning of a wonderful new existence if you make the right decisions today.

Yes, Deep, I promise you, I place you under Constant Protection, and if you trust me and agree to receive your Extraordinary Compendium, Good Luck, Love, and Money will arrive in your life never more to leave you.

4 - Because I truly want your happiness, because I know that money is one of your biggest problems today, do not be surprised if, all of a sudden, you start winning games of chance, whereas up until now, you had never won anything. This is perfectly normal.

Moreover, so that this can happen more often, I will send you your SEVEN ultra-beneficial LUCKY NUMBERS which I will work out especially for you. As soon as you receive them, you will be able to use your 7 Magic Numbers at the suitable times, which I will tell you. All you have to do is to use these numbers on the precise dates that I tell you.

As for me, I will see to it to provide you with Mystical Help especially designed for Betting Games so as to improve your chances. And, since I have seen that you were about to receive a large sum of money, I am very optimistic for you and I think that you can be also.

Also, so that your monetary happiness is complete, I am going to give you the nicest of gifts by sending you my Special Gaming Process so as to multiply the winnings that you will make from gaming. Normally, this Process is sold for a high price, but just for you, I will be happy to give it to you, as you will be able to try your luck on the lottery or a money game-and why not? I would not at all be surprised if you were soon to write to me to say that you had picked the right numbers!

Therefore, for as surely as the sun rises every morning, luck will be a part of your life. You will have become one of those people who are referred to as lucky and who elicit everyone’s admiration.

Believe me, Deep, never has happiness, success, love and stamina been so close to you. So act now and I can assure you that in just a matter of days, you too will write back to share with me the joy of having your wish granted. I am anxiously waiting to hear from you.
Your faithful friend,

Sara Freder,

By now this must have become clear, what is the intended outcome of this letter. Rip-Off Report 2.



  2. Me To, Call Me Mr A , it works u idiots, she IS FOR REAL! And she has helped many people,including Me! So Fuck All You Loosers That don't know how, to Open Urself Up To Real Magig, Telepathy,etc,i got my money,And i have more Good Comming My Way, have more in store, so f**k u whiny waste ,only stupid people can't use a fact ...u people made me Mad!

  3. Well, thank you Weezi and Geir Age for your comments.

    @Weezie yes Sara Freder claims to make you rich, the only thing you need to do is transfer some dollars by giving her your credit card details.

    @Geir Age - Maybe it works for you.. but for me the only things that work are my actions.